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Tire fitting

Our service station is ready to maintain your transport units in terms of performing tire repairing works. Well trained personnel with wide experience can offer you highest level of tire repairing services and tire matching.

Tire fitting is equipped with latest professional facilities for tire maintenance and offers following services:

  • wheel and tire mounting/demounting;
  • wheel balancing;
  • tire repairing of any complexity;
  • tread applying (tire soling);
  • wheel alignment with laser equipment by JOSAM.

The department of tire fitting with a capacity of several trucks and tire and disk warehouse allow purchasing both new and used tires as well as fit them.

Tires are extremely important parts of any tractive vehicle or trailer. What depends on them is: fuel consumption, vehicle composure, braking path and many more. Matching tires which fit your car best is of high importance. That is why we offer tires manufactured by world-known brands. Bridgestone and Cоntinental.